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School/College SMS

1.      Educational SMS Module:-

An Educational SMS service is a premium SMS service provided exclusively to school/college for making their communication easier. Educational SMS is an instantaneous broadcast messaging system that has been developed for school/college concerns that require making regular contact with guardian and members of your own school/college. It is the simplest way to access their direct or indirect associates without any restrictions on the number of intended recipients. Some of the most commonly used features are:

           a. SMS pulling

             This feature enables user to get information as per requirement.  Some of this most commonly

              Used features are:                                                            

              A. Special keywords is assigned to your organization which helps you to get advertise.

             B. Guardian can obtain result or information through inquiry from mobile.

             C. Cost effective to the organization.

             D. Guardian can obtain result as well as fee due of their children on their by assigning a symbol       

                 Number or certain key provided by school (E.G RESBBC _SYMBOL.No).


          b. SMS Pushing:

           This feature enables School/college to push information to students or guardian mobile on               requirement.  Some of most commonly used features are:

           A. Staff salary notice via SMS

           B. Meeting notice via SMS

           C.  Guardian meeting via SMS.

           D. Fee due notice via SMS.

           E. School leave or any urgent notice to guardian via SMS.

           F. Entrance exam notice through SMS.

           G. Advertisement to related target group for Admission open or introduction of organization.